Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poll: 49% Want Everyone in Congress Kicked Out

While the mainstream media continues to underplay the impact of the tea party movement on American politics and works feverishly to shield the incompetent Obama Administration, more and more Americans are figuring out the only way change will come is to end the Democratic Party stranglehold on Congress this November.

A few highlights from the latest Harris Poll:
There is also a clear feeling of anti-incumbency among the public as half of Americans (49%) say almost everyone in Congress, including their representative should be thrown out, compared to 23% of U.S. adults who say there are a lot of problems in Washington and with the system, but their member of Congress has done a pretty good job and deserves re-election. Over one-quarter (28%) are not sure as to which way they fall on this issue.

One thing that is potentially feeding into this sense of frustration with Congress is listening to and watching the emerging Tea Party supporters around the country. More than four in five Americans (85%) say they are familiar with the Tea Party, up from three-quarters (75%) who said this in March. Among all U.S. adults, almost two in five (38%) say they support the Tea Party Movement while 30% oppose it and 17% are not at all sure. The Tea Party is getting their support from more Republicans than Democrats (70% vs. 14%) but almost half of Independents (45%) say they support the Tea Party.
Read more poll results at the link below:

Two in Five Americans Support the Tea Party, But Just One in Ten Consider Themselves Members

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