Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Avatar' closes in on 'Titanic'

"Avatar" finished No. 1 at the box office for the 7th consecutive weekend, earning an estimated $30 million as it inches closer to overtaking the all-time domestic gross recorded by "Titanic" at $600.8 million.

Mel Gibson's comeback, "Edge of Darkness," finished a distant second with $17.1 million.

"Avatar" stands at $594.4 million and should overtake "Titanic" in a matter of days. "Avatar" has already passed "Titanic" in the overseas box office and is poised to become the first film to gross $2 billion worldwide.

Here are this weekend's Top 5 films based on studio estimates with (cumulative totals), according to
1 Avatar $30,000,000 ($594,472,000)
2 Edge of Darkness $17,120,000 ($17,120,000)
3 When in Rome $12,065,000 ($12,065,000)
4 The Tooth Fairy $10,000,000 ($26,106,000)
5 The Book of Eli $8,770,000 ($74,373,000)

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