Friday, May 22, 2009

Why are gas prices going up?

On Monday, the price of gas at my local station was 2.05 per gallon. By Friday, it was up to $2.39 per gallon. What gives? Did Obama start a war with somebody? Where's the outcry by the liberal media? Isn't it interesting that gas prices are going up again even though we don't have "oil men" Bush and Cheney in the White House?

Consumers Will Suffer Memorial Day Energy-Price Hangover, Says Consumer Watchdog

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Anonymous said...

Today on my home from work gas was $2.759/gallon why are they raising them, last week it was $2.599 the week before it was $2.329 and before that $2.199. Today is May 29th, 2009. What will tomorrow bring? What excuses are they using to gouge the US consumers now?