Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Eliminate property taxes now'

I like this Letter to the Editor originally published in The Pottstown Mercury. It was written by a 74-year-old woman who is tired of the empty promises from Gov. Ed Rendell and Democratic legislators.

House Bill 1275 has been introduced by state Rep. Sam Rohrer, R-Berks to eliminate school property taxes. It needs co-sponsors. Why isn't your legislator supporting this bill? For more information, visit

Here's the letter from Spring City resident Florence Biehl:
Eliminate property taxes now

State Rep. Sam Rohrer is absolutely correct in introducing House Bill 1275, The School Property Tax Elimination Act, which is the only real solution that makes an ounce of sense.

This will stop these schools from taking our homes through extravagance.

In the last several months with the obvious low economy, the schools continue to spend OPM (Other People's Money) because they insist on having the most, the best and the most expensive, at our expense — OPM. I was taught to always live within my means and I always have done this. A shame that those at our schools never were taught this.

I am 74 years old. When we moved here in 1964, the taxes were only a few hundred dollars. Now they are a few thousand, even though no improvements were made. I have been saying for years that the only answer is elimination of taxes and maintain that our homes should have nothing to do with the schools.

Please, you have nothing to lose and your tax money to enjoy. Please sign Rep. Sam Rohrer's petition online ( or print petition out to sign and have others also sign. Let's put this nightmarish threat to death once and for all and relax at its funeral.

Thank you Rep. Rohrer for your common sense, dedication and concern for Pennsylvania citizens. God bless you and I hope that you are successful.

Spring City

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