Thursday, February 24, 2011

Someone should tell David Kessler he lost the election

I was driving along Memorial Highway (Route 662) in Oley earlier today when I noticed an odd sign in front of an office building. It read "State Representative David Kessler."

The problem with the sign is that Kessler lost his bid for re-election last November and is no longer representing the 130th State House District.

The new state rep for the 130th is Republican David Maloney, who has district offices in Douglassville and Boyertown, the two most populous parts of his district.

Democrat Kessler moved his offices to Oley, where he lives, for his convenience, while he served four years in the Legislature.

I've heard Kessler took the defeat pretty hard, but it's time to move on. There's no need to confuse residents of the 130th District about who their state rep is.

Citizen Kessler should take down his office signs.

It's not like the signs are etched in marble. A screwdriver is all that's needed to remove Kessler's signs.

Maybe Rep. Maloney, who was a contractor before winning a seat in the Legislature, could help Kessler take down the signs.

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