Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Columnists: Voters smarter than Obama thinks

Ernest Christian, deputy assistant secretary of the treasury in the Ford administration, and Gary Robbins, who served at the Treasury Department in the Reagan administration, offer an interesting perspective on changing American politics in the Era of Obama.

From a column in Investor's Business Daily:
Having little real-life acquaintance with America and its people, President Obama probably was genuinely surprised by the electoral uprising last November. The voters are smarter than he thinks. Admittedly, in 2008, he talked 69 million of them into voting for an illusion that was not the real him.

But they are catching on fast. Yesterday's cheers are changing to derision — and real fear. Will Obama turn out to be America's first post-freedom, post-prosperity president? Americans do not like being deceived and pushed around. And they will not tolerate having their pockets picked.
New 21st Century Politics: Getting Gov't Out Of Way -

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