Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Opposition: 'You Might Be a Bigot If...'

Terrific new column by Doug Giles on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy:

America, if being a bigot means that:

  • I can't listen to my gut,
  • or suspect their motives,
  • or wonder aloud how wrong it is to have a Mosque built in close proximity to such a calamity,
  • or I'm disallowed to question and connect the dots with Rauf's radical associations and statements,
  • or if I do not want what has happened in Europe to ever happen here where we lose our national identity and liberties by propping up their preposterous wishes

... then I guess I might be a bigot. However, I prefer a tag of my own choosing, namely, "Islamo-nauseous," as I am sick of them talking smack about our country while demanding everything from it.

Read the full column at the link below:

Clash Radio

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