Friday, August 27, 2010

Business leaders endorse Gerlach for Congress

The Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry has endorsed Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional Dist.

In its release, Chamber Board Chairman Brian DiSabatino stated Gerlach will “advance an agenda that helps to grow our economy with the private sector leading the way.”

The Chamber noted that Gerlach stood with small businesses on issues of tax relief, health care, tort reform, and against job-killing measures like “card check” and “cap and trade.”

Gerlach has represented the 6th District (portions of Berks, Chester, Lehigh and Montgomery counties) since 2003.

“As unemployment and a weakened economy continue to financially strain southeastern Pennsylvania families, it is crystal clear that our businesses and job creators, not government, will grow our way out of this recession and get people back to work. Giving them the tools to do that is my top priority in Congress,” Gerlach said. “We have to put in place pro-growth, pro-jobs measures that will help small businesses turn this economy around. I’m proud to stand with the Chester County Chamber and pledge to continue working together to move that agenda forward.”

Gerlach's campaign was quick to point out how anti-business his Democratic opponent is.

Manan Trivedi, opposes extending the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 which will result in the largest tax increase on individuals and businesses in American history, and has stated he supports the $1 trillion 2009 ‘stimulus’ which has done nothing to create jobs but will leave a mountain of debt for future generations of Americans.

Trivedi’s most recent endorsement came from the Howard Dean-backed Democracy for America, a left-wing fringe group of liberal activists.

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