Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reader mail

I get lots of feedback from readers (besides the comments left at this site at the end of postings.) I've been remiss in sharing readers' views in recent months so I'm going to make a concerted effort to post as many comments from readers as I can each week.

Here's this week's installment from the Tony Phyrillas Mail Bag:

Hi Tony,

I say "Amen" to your global warming argument as printed in the Mercury 4/12/07.

The hysteria the left creates (as with the Y2K crisis) rouses a level of panic that is unfounded. Al Gore is no spiritual guru as he has been proved wrong on many issues in the past.

Vernon S.


Good one Tony on global warming hysteria.

And then there's always China and India who, in the name of industrialization/globalization, don't give a damn about pollution and it's alleged effects on global warming. So what's the big deal? "Whether it's cold or whether it's hot, We will have weather, Whether or not."



Dear Tony:

You are right on when it comes to exposing liberal agendas. I see Al Gore as a genuine left-wing liberal from the word go. Keep up the good work, I read your collum on a regular basis. Once again thank you. Your friend John

Joel S.


Tax shift, tax shaft, tax shuffle: Act 1 is a sham promoted by the governor in a way that would put private business owners in jail for false advertising. Taxpayers throughout the state owe sincere thanks to Tony and the 12 school districts that have gone public, over and over again, with their discontent.

What can we do? Vote NO on May 15th, demand repeal of Act 1, and fight for passage of the Plan for Pennsylvania's Future.



News flash: Rendell lied about tax cuts from casino revenues. Why am I not surprised? Because I didn't just fall off a turnip truck, that's why. Did people really think the slots were going to get us a tax beak? Dream on.

Celli F. (71 and getting more cynical by the day)



Thursday 4/12/07, Mercury article by Mark Scolfro, AP, on the proposal for reform of the State Ethics Committee.

Rep. Mark Cohen, D-Phila., said there was no evidence that "wrongdoers are being sheltered" by the current Ethics Committee and was among three Democrats who voted no the proposal for change. Republicans supported the recommendation unanimously.

This is the same Mark Cohen who was billing State taxpayers thousands of dollars for periodicals and magazines. When questioned, his arrogant response was "he was an avid reader" He was spending more tax dollars than the State was providing to public libraries.

Can he be nominated for the head of the Antics Committee? Business as usual Some people have no shame.

Bill M.


Hi Tony,

GREAT article in the paper yesterday on illegal immigrants. I wish it were in ALL the Papers across the United States. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob W.


It's time for Gov. Rendell and legislators to bring out the truth about the property tax on primary residences. The governor had 4 years to do it when he promised the people if they elected him that he would hold a special session on property tax. What did the governor do, but canceled
the special session the day after he got elected? It's painfully obvious that the governor and the legislature have let the people down again. They have tinkered with our property tax to give us only a small reduction. These politicians must believe that the people are stupid and they must make the decisions.

Act 1 herald by Rendell as a historic tax relief has turned out to be a cruel hoax on Pennsylvania home owners and farm. Voters must not let the governor and legislators off the hook with their chicanery on property taxes. The wise thing to do is to vote NO in May on the Local School Tax Referendum. If the majority of school districts reject the tax shift questions, the legislature will have to deal with true property tax reform again.

Property owners will not tolerate these fraudulent bills any longer and must contact our legislators and let them know they have one last chance to come up with true property tax reform or they will be out of a job in the next election,

John C.


Tony, I read your latest column concerning "Ozone Man" - Al Gore and I offer you the following comments:

1- Now that the democrats control congress the wacko environmental madness is again coming out of the woodwork-with much gleeful support from your colleagues in the press. Global warming hysteria, TCE ( the environs favorite scare tactic ) the chasing of parts per trillion of a microbe in water and air and all other sorts of nonsense which, as you accurately pointed out, are just smoke screens for the Liberals to steal more money from the taxpayers with their hairbrained political agenda. Jimmy Carter's biggest claim to fame- he created the EPA to " create jobs in a new industry."

2- I have spent over 15 years of my adult life, since I relocated up to Berks County, in government as a Township Supervisor, Zoning Board member and a nine year stint on the Berks County Board of Assessment and I can tell you this - the amount of govt. dreamed up nonsense that I have seen perpetuated over environmental lunacy could fill a book.

3- Now the real question - Writing articles like you did to combat the govt. sponsered lunacy like Gore is shoving at people is great but would you really like to expose and chase down evironmental BS at its max?

4- If you do- you should really investigate the lunacy that the EPA has created with the alledged super fund sites. I have been in the middle of this nonsense for 24 years and I can tell you that what the EPA has done to our area in particular chasing phantom environmental scares is govt. boondoogling at its worst. The crime, as I see it , is that they scare people to death with this cancer risk stuff and in their own guidelines it states that they have NEVER linked cancer with any of this. I could go on for hours. NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE but millions of wasted dollars. When the GOP controls congress they essentially go away-when the Socialists take over (Dems) they all show up again like clockwork. It's a real tragedy what they have done up here.

5-Someone has to combat this madness as the GOP won't and the media are in
the Libs back pocket.

Keep up the good work

Bob W.


Hard as it is to believe, not everyone agrees with me. Here's two comments from the loyal opposition:

I will voice my opinion on the Immigration Debate. You are wrong, but entitled to your opinion. Lets hope those in Congress think rationally when deciding on Reform and not in your
direction. Everyone deserves a chance at living the best life possible.



When Jon Cozine took office, he threatened to close down the parks and beaches and anything else he could think for to force a 1 percent tax increase.

Corizine increased our sales tax for 6% to 7% to pay for this. Corizine is gutless.


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