Monday, April 16, 2007

Aliens among us

If you think illegal immigration is somebody else's problem, guess again.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 61 suspected illegal aliens in Pennsylvania in April. Seventeen were rounded up in the Pittsburgh area, the rest in Berks and Montgomery counties. Last time I looked at a map, Pennsylvania did not border Mexico.

A search of a home in Reading where two Mexican citizens were living turned up a cache of weapons, including a Chinese AK47 assault rifle, sawed-off shotguns, several other rifles, a large quantity of marijuana, ammunition, $71,000 in cash and numerous fraudulent documents, according to ICE agents.

Illegal immigration is not a problem in Texas and New Mexico and California. It's not just an issue in Hazleton, Pa., where the ACLU sued the city because it dared to crack down on illegal aliens living and working in the community.

Why is the American Civil Liberties Union so worked up about protecting the "rights" of lawbreakers? Since when are illegal aliens entitled to "civil liberties" from the country they entered illegally?

Illegal aliens are everywhere. They are living among us. They're working in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. They probably cut your grass or worked on your landscaping. They may have built your house. They certainly are working on farms, picking your fruits and vegetables.

Some of the illegal aliens are waiting in the emergency room of your local hospital. Others are lining up for welfare and other government handouts.

They're also selling drugs, stealing cars, breaking into homes, killing and raping U.S. citizens. They are driving without a license and might end up crashing into you on a highway and killing you or your loved ones.

Up to 14 million illegal aliens and their families are in the United States today. That's bigger than population of many countries.

Politicians from George W. Bush to John McCain to Ted Kennedy want to grant the 12 million to 14 million illegals permanent residency in the United States under various amnesty bills being considered by Congress.

One study projects government payments to provide services to illegal aliens, once they're granted amnesty, would cost American taxpayers between $850 billion to $1 trillion.

Some of the illegal immigrants arrested in the four-day roundup in Pennsylvania, which began April 2, had criminal records.

Two of those arrested in Pittsburgh were wanted on outstanding motor vehicle charges, a third was wanted for a sex crime and a fourth for being a deported alien who illegally re-entered the country, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Since the arrests, it was learned that three others were deported who illegally re-entered the country, the newspaper reported.

The 37 illegal immigrants arrested in Norristown included 44-year-old Victorino Anaya Reza, a fugitive with convictions for sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Times-Herald newspaper.

The 61 illegal aliens are natives of Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Mexico, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, the newspaper reported.

Eleven of those arrested have criminal records that include sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a minor, theft, motor vehicle violations, narcotics violations and driving under the influence, the newspaper reported.

The far left has mislead Americans about the immigration debate. Liberals assume that all illegal aliens are here to do the jobs that Americans don't want. They pretend the illegal aliens among us are all hard-working, decent people who just want to help their families back home. The truth is that many illegals are criminals who entered our borders to target on our society.

The liberal news media has failed to frame the illegal immigration debate fairly.

The millions of people who entered this country illegally over the past few decades broke our laws as their first act upon entering the U.S. Many of them continue to break our laws on a daily basis. Why should we reward them with citizenship?

The blanket amnesty that President Bush and Congressional Democrats are pushing should be off the table. The excuse that these people are already here won't wash. It's like somebody breaking into your home to steal your belongings or do your family harm and when you call the police, the authorities force you to provide food and shelter for the criminal.

No reform of U.S. immigration laws can begin while 14 million illegal aliens hold this nation and our political system hostage.

We must begin by deporting all the illegals back to their home countries. Then, we will consider guest worker visas or applications for legal citizenship.

Tens of millions of Americans came to this country from overseas. In many ways, immigrants built this nation. But they did it legally. They came to this country through proper channels, not by sneaking across the border.

All Americans need to voice their opinion on the immigration debate. This issue is too important to the nation's survival to leave it in the hands of spineless politicians.

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Wil said...

I completely agree that criminals should not be in this country and should get deported. There are those who come to this country for the sake of doing bad because they are evil and probably do not do any good to that country they come from anyway and the US should not put up with with them. Crossing the border, crime? how big? the US is extremely good with laws that is why people do not get sent to the electric chair for a speeding violation.Yes! how bad is it for those that are dying of hanger and try finding a new horizon to survive and make others survive, is it US fault that they are in that situation? no! but fortunately there is people with hearts and sometimes realize the good of our hands helps this country be better. How fortunate would I be to say anytime I wanted "I feel like going to Bay Islands, Honduras, No, how about Costa Rica or Mexico Europe but no, is not possible for us to just come to the US whenever I wanted to because its just not possible. I'm paying an average of $9,000 in taxes every year. I pay taxes. luckily I have a SSN # but for those that don't shouldn't their bosses paid for them? most of the time they will get $9 instead of $13 that the other is getting, the boss should pay for it. I really appreciate the US considering a bill that would help those who really deserve it, just the way it has been done for others with need that came from Europe Asia etc. Life is beautiful when you feel complete and I don't think that we from rich but poor countries are coming to steal that from the precious US culture. Maybe I have not done much good to this country as much as it inspires me to. When I came here illegally 12 years ago at age 18 I felt so secure, felt that was in a safe and prosperous place were people respect others for what they are people and never cared about becoming legal because my plan was to come back to my country (Honduras) but years went by, an opportunity to get temporary work status was given to us and as of now even though I don't know if I'll be granted some type of residency I still continue to be loyal, pay taxes have a registered construction company with all insurances and don't see myself affecting America in any way, instead I am remodeling peoples homes and making them better. Why aren't we welcomed? can we be open to other peoples cultures? I guess I can say that, I understand it because I have started my life in a place completely different then this where help is needed, but someone who was born in a place of comfort probably not. Would a rich family like their doughtier/son marry a truck driver/laborer? probably not, why? is it because the food and goods is not delivered directly into their house or because no matter what, the grass will still be green? no because there is always going to be a lower class that we don't want to mix with. Does that makes us right? probably not, but the case is that for the eyes of the mother nature, higher power, GOD, however people want to call IT, its just not right. Lets support what is good and what best in us would like us to do. Wilfredo. Conn.