Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gov. Wolf vetoes no-tax-hike Republican budget for third time

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said Tuesday he will use his line-item veto power on the $30.8 billion, no-tax-hike budget passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature. So the big question today is why didn't Wolf do this on July 1 when the first budget was sent to him by the Legislature? The answer: Wolf wants to spend billions more on liberal programs and raise taxes on working Pennsylvania families so he held the budget hostage for the past six months in the hopes of forcing the Legislature to raise taxes.

His ploy didn't work. So here we are - six months into the new fiscal year - without a budget, thanks to Wolf and his far-left staffers who want to spend more than the state takes in and pay back the labor unions that put Wolf into office last year.

There's a great quote in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review from Republican House Majority Leader Dave Reed, putting the Wolf budget fiasco in perspective: “While I am appreciative that the Governor will finally release some of his hostages and send some of the monies out to our schools and human service programs; it is disturbing to realize that his partial veto is reflective of his demand for a higher sales or income tax to spend even more money."

Gov. Wolf vetoes Republican budget, will release funds for schools

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