Monday, November 30, 2015

Who will lead the Montgomery County GOP?

Veteran Montgomery County Courthouse reporter Margaret Gibbons ponders who will be the next chairman or chairwoman of the Republican Party in Montgomery County, once a GOP stronghold in Pennsylvania that has fallen into Democratic control in recent years.

Just how bad have things gotten for Republicans in this large and wealthy county? Look no further than the November General Election debacle.

From Gibbons' column:
Democrats for the first time captured all competitively elected county posts with GOPer Joe Gale running an independent campaign to defeat one of the leadership's endorsed candidates in the primary election and defeating their remaining endorsed candidate this month for the minority seat on the board of commissioners.
It's going to take someone with superhuman powers to straighten out this mess.

Margaret Gibbons: Who will lead the Montgomery County GOP? - The Intelligencer: Margaret Gibbons | Montgomery County politics | Courthouse

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