Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Democrats kill bill to eliminate Pa. property taxes

Republican State Sen. David Argall, the sponsor of the Property Tax Independence Act, apologized to Pennsylvania taxpayers Monday after the bill was defeated by a single vote cast by Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, a Democrat who serves as president of the Senate. The vote by Senators was 24-24 in the 50-member chamber. (One of the co-sponsors of Senate Bill 76 missed the vote (and there's a vacancy in a western Pennsylvania Senate seat that will be filled later this week.)

From reporter Brad Bumsted of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "We owe the taxpayers of Pennsylvania a sincere apology," Argall said. The apology is needed for "forcing schools since 1834 to rely on the unfair, archaic property tax," Argall said. "We can eliminate this hated tax" It hits senior citizens on fixed incomes hardest, Argall argued.

Pennsylvania Senate defeats tax overhaul plan

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