Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rep. J. Randy Forbes: America's new government-imposed religion

Welcome to Obama's vision of America:
The tide has turned, and we have begun to see the emergence of a state-created orthodoxy. It deems support for traditional marriage unacceptable. It discredits those who believe that life begins at conception. It disfavors their faith — held for centuries by their predecessors — and creates a regulatory framework to prevent them from fully participating in the public square.
When the government says, “You can believe whatever you want, but you will be penalized if you exercise those beliefs,” we have entered dangerous territory. We cannot allow a religious litmus test to determine who may participate in American life. We must defend the Constitution not only in form, but also in effect.
That is how Va. Congressman Randy Forbes sees Obama's war against people of faith. The the rest of this powerful op-ed in The Washington Times: 

FORBES: America's new government-imposed religion - Washington Times

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