Thursday, June 21, 2012

West Chester teachers seek 18% pay hike

The union representing teachers in the West Chester Area School District in Chester County, Pa., wants an 18.3 percent increase in salaries for its members over the next three years.

The union is also asking for expanded health care benefits, additional pay for meetings and a reduction of two work days, according to The West Chester Daily Local News. The union also wants to limit teacher transfers and have limitations on on-line course development and delivery, the newspaper says.

And of course, the obligatory boilerplate comment from the union president about how it's all for the kids: "We are proud of our teachers whose top priority is to provide the best quality education to all students within the West Chester Area School District, which was recently recognized as having some of the top high schools in the country."

What world are these union members living in?

Do they read newspapers? Have they ever heard of Wisconsin?

The school board is offering a combined 9.75 percent in pay hikes over three years, which is more reasonable ... and a lot more generous than what workers in the private sector can expect to see.

West Chester teachers and school board far apart on new contract

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