Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stop The Presses! Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorses All-Democratic Slate

Who could have predicted this one?

Big Labor is backing EVERY Democratic candidate for Congress from Pennsylvania this November as well as the three Democratic candidates seeking statewide races and all 13 Democrats seeking state Senate seats.

Before you get too flustered, there's only 5 Democratic members of the House of Representatives left in Pennsylvania after the shellacking the Dems took in 2010. And then there's Obama lapdog Bob Casey Jr. seeking re-election to the U.S. Senate. His opponent, Tom Smith, is a former Democrat, but I guess he wasn't liberal enough for the union endorsement.

There's a handful of Republican state House members on the AFL-CIO endorsement list, but there's more than 200 open House seats and I suspect most of the Republicans who are receiving Big Labor's backing are running unopposed. If they're not running unopposed, what does that say about their Democratic opponents?

Check out the full list of endorsements below:

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorsements in November General Election

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