Thursday, November 11, 2010

Defeated PA House Dems in disarray

After two years of failed leadership in Harrisburg, Democrats in the Pennsylvania Legislature have turned on each other and what's left of their leadership. Sit back and enjoy the show.

From a new column by veteran Harrisburg observer Laura Vecsey:
It's one thing for state Senate Republicans to accuse House Democratic leaders of walking out on the people's business because someone might have something to hide.

Partisan accusations and game-playing have achieved art-formlike levels at the state Capitol, especially after two years in which the Party of No thwarted many plans of Gov. Ed Rendell and House Democrats.

But when the disappearance of Speaker Keith McCall, Majority Leader Todd Eachus and Appropriations Committee Chairman Dwight Evans ignites disgust and ire of rank-and-file Democrats, too, that means no one's buying what House leaders are saying.

That puts an uncomfortable, if not shameful, coda at the end of the House Democrats' final days of power.
Read the full column at the Patriot-News website.

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