Monday, October 18, 2010

Anti-gun group backs Onorato for governor

There's a clear distinction between Republican Tom Corbett and Democrat Dan Onorato when it comes to protecting Second Amendment rights.

Corbett, who is endorsed by the NRA, is a staunch defender of gun rights. Onorato backs gun-control measures.

That's why he has been endorsed by CeaseFirePA, a liberal advocacy group pushing for more gun-control measures against law-abiding Pennsylvania gun ownners.

From the CeaseFirePA press release endorsing Onorato:

Since May, Onorato has distinguished himself as the clear gubernatorial choice for Pennsylvanians concerned with the rising tide of gun violence in Commonwealth. Onorato has been one of the strongest voices in Pennsylvania for closing the Florida Gun Loophole. By contrast, Tom Corbett has refused to address the issue of gun violence – both as a candidate and as Pennsylvania's Attorney General. In a televised debate on October 16th, Corbett and Onorato sparred over how to address the Florida loophole. While Corbett once again dismissed the issue, "I don't believe there is a Florida loophole," Dan Onorato addressed it head on: "I don't need the Department of Agriculture in Florida telling me who should carry a gun in Pennsylvania."

Read more about CeaseFirePA efforts to punish gun owners for the failed liberal policies of Democratic mayors at the group's website.

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