Friday, March 16, 2007

Only liberals can go home?

Many government offices closed early today because of the ice storm that hit Pennsylvania. Most had an official time when the doors were closed. But not Berks County.

A colleague pointed out this amusing item posted on the county's Web site under a button labeled "Liberal Leave."

My first impression was that only liberal county workers were allowed to leave work while those dedicated conservatives had to say for their entire shift.

It's possible. The Board of Commissioners consists of two liberal Democrats, Thomas W. Gajewski and Judith L. Schwank, and a lone Republican, Mark C. Scott

Here's what the Web site says:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Berks County Government Offices will be open. The Commissioners and President Judge have invoked the Liberal Leave Policy for all County and Court Employees.

If you're a county worker and didn't know you could leave when the weather was bad, you obviously need to check the county's Liberal Leave Policy (HR Section 9.5) for additional information or contact Human Resources.

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