Thursday, June 01, 2017

New York Times Doubles Down on Bias

With trust of the news media at an all-time low, The New York Times gets rid of the only person on its staff who dared question the newspaper's biased left-wing coverage.

NY Times Follows WashPost In Abolishing Internal Reader's Advocate, Shunning Transparency: Michael Calderone at HuffPost reported The New York Times is abolishing its office of “Public Editor,” established in the wake of the Jayson Blair fake-news scandal in 2003. Liz Spayd, the current staffer in that office, is effectively done, after only one year in the job, instead of an expected two-year term. Once again, it is highly ironic that the nation’s top newspapers rage about the president being unaccountable to the public, while they abolish their own offices for dealing with reader complaints. It’s safe to guess they especially hate any articles about ideologically motivated bias and inaccuracy.

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