Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kathy Griffin: 'Trump Trying to Ruin My Life Forever'

Liberal flamethrower Kathy Griffin got burned by her repulsive beheaded Trump stunt, so it's now time to play the blame game. Taking a chapter from the ultimate Democratic crybaby, Hillary Clinton, Griffin is trying to blame everyone in the world - other than herself - for her actions. So now it's Donald Trump's fault that her "career" has self-destructed. Sorry, Kathy. You blew it and you have nobody but yourself to blame for your ill-advised stunt.

Kathy Griffin: 'Trump Trying to Ruin My Life Forever': Kathy Griffin, rumored to be a comedienne, gave a press conference this morning alongside her attorney Lisa Bloom to address the controversy she began when she posed for a shocking photo with a mockup of President Trump's bloodied head. The well-deserved backlash, even from her friends and colleagues on the left, has been so intense that she issued a perfunctory apology video and began losing gigs. Now she is going on the offensive, claiming victim status and lawyering up with Bloom, who just happens to be the daughter of feminist ambulance-chaser Gloria Allred.

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