Monday, May 29, 2017

Democrat exposes her party's fake Trump-Russia narrative

Wow! A Democratic politician exposes her party's fake "Trump/Russia" narrative. This is what happens when a political party has completely run out of ideas. Honestly, what does the Democratic Party stand for? Who does it represent? No wonder so many Democrats voted for Trump in 2016 instead of the party's status quo candidate Hillary Clinton. And instead of learning from the humiliating defeat last November, the party continues in a state of denial. Of course, as long as the corrupt liberal media is willing to carry water for the Democratic Party elites and push the fake "Trump/Russia narrative," there's no reason for the party to actually offer an alternative to Donald Trump.

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Former Dem State Senator: 'Everyday Americans Left Behind Because it's Russia, Russia, Russia': While the mainstream media desperately churns out ‘round-the-clock coverage of alleged ties between the Trump administration and Russia, the states which elected Donald Trump just aren’t that interested. Reminding CNN of this on Sunday’s State of the Union was a former Democrat state senator from Ohio, Nina Turner, who said, “No one in Ohio is asking about Russia.”

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