Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's the Democrats, not the GOP, in disarray this election cycle

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review political columnist Salena Zito:
Many registered Democrats in those regions now self-identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents. Trump has captivated these voters, resulting in his commanding lead in the Republican field.
“In essence, Trump and the other ‘outsiders' haven't as much splintered the Republican Party but, rather, have taken advantage of the splintering of the Democratic Party,” Brauer said.
This could be good news for Republicans and not-so-good news for Democrats. These mostly disgruntled voters are turning away from their Democrat roots and are finding some solace with Republican outsiders, which could add noteworthy numbers to the GOP base.
We are seeing the end of the long, slow exodus of citizens with traditional (as opposed to cosmopolitan) values from Democrat ranks to the Republican Party.
What is overlooked is what it means for today's politics, particularly at the coalitional level, Baylor University political scientist Curt Nichols believes.
“The Democratic Party is predominantly composed of folks holding cosmopolitan values, which includes a moral preference for redistributive policies,” Nichols said — while Republicans are the party of traditional values, including a moral preference for rugged individualism and market-oriented policies.
Salena Zito: It's the Democrats, not the GOP, in disarray this election cycle

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