Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2 newspaper endorsements Tom Wolf won't get

Two of Pennsylvania's most liberal newspapers will not be endorsing liberal Democrat Tom Wolf, the current front-runner in the race for Pennsylvania governor.

The new owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia News has decided his newspapers will not endorse a candidate for governor this year. That means Tom Wolf won't get the automatic endorsement of the left-leaning editorial boards that run the two newspapers.

Instead, owner/publisher Gerry Lenfest announced that his newspapers will present a series of issues the editors believe are critical to the state's future, where the two candidates stand on those issues ... and where the newspaper stands on the issue. Then it's up to voters to decide who to elect governor for on Nov. 4.

You can argue that the editorial board will tailor the "issues" to favor Wolf, but the Democrat was going to get the endorsements anyway over incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, so at least the newspapers are going through the motions of pretending they're giving voters an objective look at the candidates.

Check out the newspapers' non-endorsement "endorsement" editorial at the link below:

Campaign of contrasts

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