Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Guzzardi factor: Could a conservative challenger make Tom Corbett a one-term Pa. governor?

Veteran political observer Brad Bumsted takes a look at a long-shot primary challenge to Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett by conservative activist Bob Guzzardi.

Will the challenge further weaken Corbett and open the way for a Democratic governor from the current crop of tax-and-spend liberals seeking their party nod?

From Busted's latest column:
If Guzzardi draws a heavy anti-Corbett vote in a primary, he can significantly damage Corbett's re-election prospects. Surely Guzzardi, a very bright guy, knows he would be indirectly helping a Democrat win.

Guzzardi likely doesn't care. He is committed to long-term reform of the Republican Party and he believes a Democrat will win anyway. 
The Guzzardi factor

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