Thursday, February 07, 2013

Living the good life off of government benefits

Welcome to Barack Obama's America. Why work when you can live well off of government handouts?

Reporter Chris Papst of a local CBS affiliate in Pennsylvania recently did this scathing report on the massive growth of government assistance:
Our family would be eligible for $14,976 in free day care, another $13,400 for Head Start and Early Head Start, $7,148 in housing vouchers, $6,500 for weatherization projects, $400 to pay heating bills, $480 a year for a cell phone, with an extra $230 for a land line, and $182 in free legal advice.

The family would get more than $6,028 in food assistance and another $6,045 in medical assistance. The mother is eligible for $5,500 in Pell Grants for school with an additional $12,000 for the Education Opportunity Grant; SMART Grant; and TEACH Grant.

Our family would also get $6,800 in tax credits, and $1,900 in withholding would be returned.

Add it up and this family can get $81,589 in free assistance.

“This isn’t the American dream,” commented Matt Brouillette of the Commonwealth Foundation.

Matt Brouillette is with the Commonwealth Foundation, a government watchdog group which emphasizes a safety net, not a safety hammock.
Living the good life off of government benefits

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