Friday, November 16, 2012

Only 57% of voters went to polls on Nov. 6

Interesting editorial in the Reading Eagle about how few voters actually decided the presidential race:
Counting all the provisional and absentee ballots cast during the presidential election, more than 126 million Americans went to the polls, a dismal 57.5 percent, according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate.

That means that by a wide margin more voting-eligible Americans, 93 million, opted not to vote than voted for either of the two major-party candidates.

President Barack Obama, by the time all votes are counted, is expected to have collected about 64 million popular votes, or slightly more than half of those cast. Mitt Romney's total is expected to be about 60.5 million votes, or about 48.1 percent.

However if you factor all who remained home on Election Day, the percentage of those eligible to vote who voted for the president was only 29.2 percent. Romney received votes from 27.6 percent of the electorate. A whopping 42.5 percent of those who could have voted didn't bother to do so.

Award electoral votes proportionally to popular vote (11/16/12)

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