Saturday, November 03, 2012

Investor's Business Daily Endorses Romney For President

Investor's Business Daily, one of the nation's leading business publications, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president, saying Gov. Romney offers the leadership this country desperately needs afour four disappointing years under Barack Obama.

From the newspaper's endorsement editorial:
Because we have a president bent on radically changing America in ways few of us want, Tuesday's vote will be the most important most of us will ever cast. Fortunately, a challenger has stepped forward with the experience, capabilities and character to save the country at this time of peril.

The nation needs a president who understands how business works; enter Romney of Bain Capital. It needs someone who knows how to turn around a failing enterprise; enter Romney of the Olympics. It needs someone who can work across party lines to get things done; enter Romney the Republican governor of Massachusetts.

Of course, it's a big jump from Boston and Salt Lake to gridlocked Washington, or from private equity to the broken global economy. There's never anything quite as big as the presidency. But Romney is as ready as anyone could be. And if we've learned anything about him by now, it's that he has a way of rising to the occasion.
Read the full editorial at the newspaper's website.

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