Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pennsylvania newspapers back Republican John Maher for Auditor General

Republican John Maher continues to pick up endorsements from newspapers across Pennsylvania, including several newspapers that typically endorse Democrats:

York Daily Record: "Maher deserves credit for independence and effectiveness."

Philadelphia Inquirer:  "His auditing background gives John Maher the edge. With Maher, voters can be assured of having an auditor general who needs no on-the-job training. He even likes wearing a green eyeshade." 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"Send a real pro..." "Pennsylvania deserves an auditor general who knows how to audit."  

Harrisburg Patriot-News"'The CPA for Pa.' Maher is right man for auditor general"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review"a CPA who built his own auditing firm and whose commitment to government transparency and accountability is unflinching."
Uniontown Herald-Standard"the streak of auditors general in Pennsylvania not being CPAs should end in 2012."

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