Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Cars 2' revs up weekend box office

Critics be damned.

Despite terrible reviews for its latest offering, Disney Pixas showed it can still set box-office records.

"Cars 2" dominated the weekend at U.S. movie theaters with an estimate haul of $68 million.

The question is whether the film has legs (or wheels) with word-of-mouth expected to be mediocre.

Here's Brandon Gray's analysis from
Pixar's reliability was on display again with the roll-out of Cars 2. The manufacturer's latest model generated its 12th No. 1 opening in a row with an estimated $68 million over the weekend. Moviegoers were also hot for Bad Teacher as well, but Green Lantern flamed out.

Riding on approximately 7,700 screens at 4,115 locations, Cars 2 delivered the fourth highest-grossing June opening weekend ever and the fifth highest-grossing opening weekend yet for a Pixar movie, behind Toy Story 3's $110.3 million, The Incredibles' $70.5 million, Finding Nemo's $70.3 million and Up's $68.1 million. The talking car sequel out-grossed the first Cars' $60.1 million opening weekend from June 2006, but trailed it in terms of estimated attendance. Cars 2's weekend was towards the back of the Pixar attendance pack, ahead of only A Bug's Life, Ratatouille and Toy Story.

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