Friday, May 27, 2011

Columnist: Unholy alliance dominates the school funding process

If you're wondering why our public education system has failed consider where the money is being spent. Hint: It's not on the students.

From an op-ed by Joseph J. Ryan:
Union members receive 10 days sick leave, two days family-related sick leave, and three personal holidays. Contrived sick leave is a constant source of taxpayer abuse. Also included are retirement increment; incremental longevity increase, professional leave; death in the family leave; jury duty and election official leave; association leave and graduate study reimbursement. Upon completion of an advanced study course, i.e., an academically inconsequential education course, they receive an automatic salary increase. All of the above at the expense of district taxpayers.

Serious consideration should be given to reducing the number of employees within the "jobs project" public school system. In addition to the 2.7 million teachers and 215,000 administrators, there are 2.5 million support personnel including reading specialists, guidance counselors, teachers aides and others. The total number of personnel exceeds five million, the number of students 49 million, a ratio of one adult to 9.8 students.
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Unholy alliance dominates the school funding process - : Guest Opinions

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