Monday, October 25, 2010

Newspaper endorses Jim Gerlach for Congress

Pennsylvania's biggest newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, has endorsed Republican US Rep. Jim Gerlach for reelection to Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District.

While Gerlach is one of the best members of Congress from Pennsylvania, it's always dicey with The Inquirer, which is a very pro-Democratic Party newspapers. This endorsement could have gone either way but the newspaper clearly sees Gerlach as the better candidate.

From the newspaper's endorsement editorial:
The four-term congressman learned that a standout state Senate career - with a progressive record on conservation issues, in particular - doesn't assure Washington success. With his politically divided district, including Chester, Montgomery, Berks, and Lehigh Counties, Gerlach, 55, has been reluctant to make waves.

His constituents can be confident that Gerlach is qualified to lead - certainly, if his party wins the House. Gerlach could bring a moderate's voice to discussions on health care, tax policy, military affairs, and growing the economy.
Read more endorsements at the newspaper's website.

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