Monday, January 22, 2007

Reinforcements for the reform movement

I'd like to welcome a new ally to the reform movement in Pennsylvania.

A new blog site -- -- has joined the campaign to help turn this state around. With its roots in Bucks County, the site puts a focus on the failing education system in Pennsylvania (No. 1 in teacher strikes) but its contributors have also been active in helping spread the word about our underachieving state government.

Here's a little bit more about the site from the horse's mouth: "This blog is updated daily to provide Bucks County taxpayers with an electronic way to read and comment on news stories from multiple media outlets, in one convenient location."

The chief blogger is Simon Campbell, a resident of Lower Makefield Township and president of the statewide nonprofit company, StopTeacherStrikes, Inc. Campbell's perspective is similar to mine. In his own words, "This personal blog is updated from the perspective of a fiscal conservative, with political correctness considered a vice."

Also contributing to the site is Joe Gable, a resident of Warwick Township in Bucks County. Gable is retired banker and ATM industry consultant. Gamble's pet peeve? "Elected officials who forget they work for the taxpayers, and taxpayers who complain but never vote!" Amen to that, Joe.

The third contributor to the site is Cory Steiner, another resident of Lower Makefield Township in Bucks County. Cory works in orthopedic sales and served in the Marine Corps.

I'd like to welcome Simon, Joe and Cory to the growing blogger community in Pennsylvania and urge you to bookmark their new site and check it out daily. The address is

The great thing about the reform movement in Pennsylvania (and by reform movement, I am speaking about the grassroots effort of political activists and newspaper columnist — not the phony reform that politicians are talking about) — is that politics doesn't matter. The goal is good government, not political power in the hands of a few

We are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents and Socialists. We are willing to put party labels aside and work for a better Pennsylvania. It's "Us" against "Them." The "People" vs. the "Political Aristocracy" that has plundered this state's resources for years. The movement is growing. The revolution is on.

"All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness. For the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper."

— The Pennsylvania Constitution

The political aristocracy in Pennsylvania should be quaking in its shoes. We took out 55 of them in 2006. The job is not finished. We will be better organized and better financed by 2008. The movement is growing every day. We, the people, will not rest until we take back our government.

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