Monday, April 03, 2006

Nutty professors are teaching at many Pennsylvania schools

Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor who said the victims of 9/11 got what they deserve, is just the tip of the iceberg.

The halls and classrooms of America's major institutions of higher learning are swarming with radicals, leftists, communists, racists and every other kind of extremist you can name. Technically, they're not hiding inside the Ivory Towers. They're out in the open. They're running university departments and chairing hiring committees. They're probably teaching your son or daughter.

And that is the heart of the problem. It's one thing to expose young people to diverse political philosophies. It's an entirely different matter to indoctrinate impressionable minds with leftist rants about how terrible the United States government is and how corrupt America institutions have become.

David Horowitz, the one-time radical activist, offers a comprehensive guide to the stranglehold the left has on academia in his new book, "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America" from Regnery Publishing.

Fanatical professors are everywhere, spewing their Marxist agenda to a captive audience — the young people who will eventually lead this nation. Protected by tenure, the professors force students to listen to their racist, anti-American harangue daily.

Academic freedom exists only for the radical left on today's college campus, Horowitz argues. When the president of Harvard University attempted to reform the elitist system that protects radicals, he was systematically bounced by the faculty, which circled the wagon to protect its most fringe elements. And Ward Churchill is still teaching at the University of Colorado despite his questionable credentials and his unhinged behavior.

Horowitz cannot take the podium at most universities without a burly bodyguard by his side to prevent brainwashed students from rushing the stage. Horowitz singles out 101 radical professors in the book, but he could easily have chronicled 1,001 professors. They're everywhere.

If you think most of the radicals are teaching at left-leaning institutions like the University of California at Berkley, or Columbia University, guess again. Here are 9 nutty professors from Pennsylvania that Horowitz profiles in the book.

· Regina Austin, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania who, according to the book, believes black people should condone criminal activities among their own community.

· Mary Frances Berry, a professor of American social thought and history at the University of Pennsylvania, who the book says praises the virtues of the Soviet Union and believes that the threat blacks faced during the 1960s in the United States is comparable to the genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

· Michael Berube, a professor of English at Penn State University who, according to Horowitz, fancies himself as a "progressive educator" whose hatred of hatred of organized religion permeates his teaching literature.

· Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of humanities at the University of Pennsylvania who the book says believes the 9/11 attacks were payback for "America's past imperialistic practices." Dyson also refers to slain gangster rapper Tupac Shakur as a black Jesus figure.

· Rick Eckstein, a professor of sociology at Villanova University who the book says praises Lenin's brand of communism and denigrates the United States on a regular basis.

· Melissa Gilbert, a professor of geography and urban studies at Temple University, who promotes something she calls "feminist geography" and believes that welfare reform is a human rights violations, according to the book.

· Lewis Gordon, a professor of philosophy at Temple University active in something called the Radical Philosophy Association, which blames the U.S. for all the world's problems, according to Horowitz. Gordon routinely calls the U.S. a racist nation and wants to turn his students into activists for his radical left causes, the book says.

· Warren Haffar, a professor of political science at Arcadia University who Horowitz says believes Osama bin Laden had legitimate grievances against the United States so the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 is acceptable. Haffar also believes there is no difference between America's Founding Fathers and the leadership of Al Qaeda.

· Suzanne Toton, a professor of theology at Villanova University who blames the United States for the world's poor, according to the book. Toton pushes "liberation theology" in her courses, which is Marxism in disguise.

These professors are collecting salaries from taxpayer-supported schools or unsuspecting parents who write tuition checks thinking their students are getting an education. Instead, they're indoctrinated by intellectually corrupt leftists who wouldn’t be accepted in another segment of society.

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Michael Bérubé said...

Michael Berube, a professor of English at Penn State University who, according to Horowitz, fancies himself as a "progressive educator" whose hatred of hatred of organized religion permeates his teaching literature.

You're basing this on Horowitz's dumb-as-rocks claim that because Berube describes antifoundationalists as "sane and secular," he therefore hates religion? And you're an award-winning journalist with a common-sense viewpoint?

Or are you literally saying that Berube has a hatred of hatred of organized religion? Because that might make sense.