Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rendell lead slips away

What have I been telling you for months about Ed Rendell? The emperor has no clothes. (Yes, the image of Fast Eddie naked is revolting.) More and more Pennsylvania residents are figuring out that Rendell is a con artist. He's fooled people for 3 years, but the jig is up. See latest poll results below:

Zogby- Wall Street Journal Poll Shows Rendell and Swann in Dead Heat
A new poll conducted by Zogby International for the Wall Street Journal shows Governor Ed Rendell leading Lynn Swann 43.9% to 43.6%. The same poll shows Ed Rendell leading bill Scranton 45.7% to 37.9%. the poll's margin of error was +/- 2.7%. Details

Ed, go back home. They still love you in Philly...

There's also an interesting editorial in the Northeast Times (the other Philadelphia newspaper nobody ever heard of) about how poor a job Rendell has done as governor. The editorial suggests Rendell give up his bid for a second term as governor of Pennsylvania and run again for mayor of Philadelphia. The full editorial can be read online at

Here's what others are saying about Rendell...

The following are comments were left by readers on various Web sites that posted my recent column, "Rendell's Legacy: 3 Years of Failure" --

Comment 1: I totally agree with the Tony Phyrillas in his assessment of Rendell's first three years. It seems to have been plagued by one debacle after another. And the problems that Pennsylvania faced before Ed Rendell are still not solved. It seems to me that Rendell is setting himself up as a strong Democratic Party VP candidate. Hillary and Rendell in 2008. I hope Pennsylvania's end their "Fast Eddie" misery by voting for Lynn Swann in November.

Comment 2: Ed Rendell is the archetypal flim-flam man. He talks a good game, but when one peels back the layers of slime, at the core is a socialist ideologue looking to line his own pockets and those of his cronies with other people's money.

Comment 3: You know what would be really cool? If Pennsylvanians stayed mad at him until 2008. The Republican presidential candidate could then ride Rendell's anti-coattails to an electoral victory in Pennsylvania. Let's see any Dem presidential candidate get elected in '08 without Pennsylvania.

Comment 4: If Pennsylvanians re-elect thug Rendell then they get what they deserve...garbage in and no garbage out. Too's a beautiful state between the 2 P's cities. I say go Lynn Swann.

Comment 5: Swann is the only GOP contender who could siphon minority votes in Philly and Pittsburgh--and absolute MUST if there is to be a change in the Governor's mansion. Of the others in the running Scranton is a stuffed shirt.

Comment 6: Fast Eddy seems to make a habit of stepping in it - I believe I remember that he was chairman of the DNC for a few weeks during the tumultuous election of 2000, when he opined that Al Gore should not continue his fight by challenging the results through the Florida courts, soon after which he was no longer the chairman of the DNC...maybe we'll see a similar job loss after this year's election.....

Comment 7: Rendell was elected because of two very simple reasons. Mike Fisher didn't come across as the jolly, cordial type like Rendell and the big reason - Rendell promised the seniors property tax relief on his very first day of office. They're still waiting for any tax relief. He's banking on smoke filled block buildings called slots parlors to take the seniors money and turn it into their own tax relief. The media doesn't mention that Rendell is calculating slots revenue in PA to exceed that of Las Vegas. The Philadelphia democrat voting fraud block is hard to overcome in any state wide election. Let's hope Scranton or Swann give him a run for his money.

Comment 8: I just got back from my Christmas vacation trip to PA. My parents live up in Gettysburg. First the roads are truly the worst in the country. Second, the state is trying to cram casinos down the throats of its citizens. In Gettysburg, the town has said no to casinos on the battlefields. The town prides itself on it's history and are dead set against bringing that kind of business to its little community. Everyone thought the issue was put to rest after the town voted it down. Rendel and his folks just repackaged a new plan and are pushing it hard. One bright note, my dad, a life long democrat said he stopped going to the local democrat meetings because he was the only one to show up.

Comment 9: I also heard that PA is a state that very little job and economic growth. Not Michigan bad, but very low and not competitive nationwide. Does anyone know about this?

Comment 10: You're correct. Pennsylvania is definitely "rust belt". New jobs are mostly in the service area (what good is that if other people don't have jobs to be able to spend the money for services?). Many of the factories that provided decent jobs are packing up and going overseas, it's always been a pro-union state (partially leading to it's demise), plus we have an a$$hole governor who comes up with these grandiose schemes that the sheeple think will help them, but are actually schemes to line his and his friends' pockets (e.g. casino gambling).

Comment 11: Ed Rendell is the archetypal flim-flam man. He talks a good game, but when one peels back the layers of slime, at the core is a socialist ideologue looking to line his own pockets and those of his cronies with other people's money.

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