Monday, April 01, 2019

AOC to speak at conservative conference?

I get hundreds of emails sent to me at The Mercury every day. I sort through them as best as I can while doing the dozen other tasks I have to perform each day to get the next day's newspaper together. 

One particular email jumped out at me today. The subject line: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Keynote 2019 PA Leadership Conference. It didn't take me long to realize today was April Fool's Day. 

The PA Leadership Conference is the largest gathering of conservatives in Pennsylvania each year and somehow I don't think a left-wing loon like AOC would be invited to attend. 

Lowman S. Henry, who organizes the conference each year, opens his email with this: "That's a headline you will only see on April Fools' Day! We wouldn't be foolish enough to have her as a speaker, but you would be foolish not to attend the 30th anniversary 2019 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference to be held this Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th at the Radisson Penn Harris Convention Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania." 

That's a great way to catch someone's attention.

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