Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ryan Costello Challenges Opponent to Friendly Political Wager on Sunday’s Philadelphia-Washington Football Game

From the Ryan Costello for Congress campaign:
Costello Challenges Opponent to Friendly Political Wager
on Sunday’s Philadelphia-Washington Football Game

Costello also picks up endorsement of former Eagle Jon Runyan

WEST CHSTER, PA – Ryan Costello, the Republican candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 6th District, challenged his opponent to a friendly political wager on Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Washington game.  On the line: Costello – who lives and works in Pennsylvania -- would deliver a case of craft beer from Pennsylvania’s Victory Brewing to his opponent if the Eagles lose while Trivedi – who lives and works primarily in Washington, DC -- would owe Costello a case of DC Brau if Washington loses.

In addition, Costello announced today that he picked up the endorsement of former Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan, who played in Philadelphia from 2002 to 2008.  Runyan is currently a Member of Congress representing New Jersey’s 3rd District. 

“I am proud to endorse Ryan Costello for Congress,” said Runyan.  “Ryan will fight for his district.  He has a record of working in a bipartisan manner to get things done. Ryan has balanced budgets, held the line on taxes and worked to preserve open space for families and farms.”

As far as this weekend’s Philadelphia-Washington match-up, Costello extended the offer of a friendly political wager in an email to Trivedi this afternoon.  The e-mail reads:

Dear Manan:

Although we are entering the final few weeks of campaign season, the NFL football season is just getting underway. I thought it might be a refreshing break to make a friendly political wager on this weekend's upcoming Eagles-Washington game. 

As someone who has lived and worked in the Philadelphia area my entire life, I am a die-hard Eagles fan. I am so confident in an Eagles victory that if -- by some stroke of bad luck -- Washington beats Philadelphia, I will bring a case of Pennsylvania's own Victory Beer -- made a few miles from my home in Chester County-- to your campaign office.

Conversely, I know that you own a home in the heart of Washington and your filings with the Clerk of the House of Representatives show you earned 95 percent of your income last year -- and 100 percent this year -- from DC hospitals and health consulting firms.  Heck, your main employer, the Washington Hospital Center, was the longtime "official hospital” of Washington’s NFL team and lists you on their website as a doctor of internal medicine. 

So, if your Washington team loses, you would owe me a case of a craft beer from Washington, DC, such as DC Brau or Capitol City Brewing.

Cheers!  And may the best team (the Eagles) win!

E-A-G-L-E-S!  Eagles!


Ryan Costello

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