Monday, September 15, 2014

PA Senate Finance Committee to Vote on Property Tax Bill

An Important Call To Action From the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16, at 11:00 AM the Senate Finance Committee will meet to vote on SB 76, the Property Tax Independence Act.

We need to show massive support SB 76, so please call AND email EVERY Senator on the Finance Committee NOW to request their vote in committee.  In all contacts, please be respectful and non-threatening.  You have until 11 AM tomorrow to get this done. Contact information is below.

Sen. John Blake

Sen. Patrick Browne

Sen. Mike Brubaker

Sen. John Eichelberger

Sen. Stewart Greenleaf

Sen. Scott Hutchinson

Sen. Joseph Scarnati
(717) 787-7084
FAX: (717) 772-2755

Sen. Matt Smith
(717) 787-5839
FAX: (717) 772-4437

Sen. Rob Teplitz
(717) 787-6801
FAX: (717) 783-3722

Sen. Patricia Vance
(717) 787-8524
FAX: (717) 772-0576

Sen. John Wozniak
(717) 787-5400
FAX: (717) 772-0573

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