Thursday, April 03, 2014

Ryan Costello Endorsed by Lebanon County GOP for Pa.'s 6th Congressional Seat

This just in from Ryan Costello for Congress campaign:
WEST CHESTER, Pa. – Members of the Lebanon County Republican Committee voted unanimously tonight to endorse Ryan Costello for Congress in Pennsylvania 6th Congressional District. Party leaders cited Ryan’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, implementing policies to promote job creation, and his commitment to work in a common sense fashion to build consensus on issues important to the region.   

"The Lebanon County Republican Party is excited by and pleased to support Ryan Costello’s candidacy in the 6th congressional District," said Pat Braden, chair of the county party. "Ryan will work to get our nation’s fiscal house in order and work to build a consensus around policies that are focused on getting people back to work. Just as important, we know that Ryan will be at the forefront of the fight for individual rights and in opposition to a large, bloated federal government."

"I appreciate the support of the leadership and rank and file members of the Lebanon County Republican Party and the confidence they have placed in me," said Ryan Costello, who currently serves as Chairman of the Chester county Board of Commissioners. "I know that many Americans are frustrated by government overspending, the expanding government bureaucracy, and polices that seem to undermine rather than promote job creation. But I am optimistic that, working together, we can find pragmatic sensible solutions that will get our country back on the right track and create a brighter future for local residents and future generations."
Costello, currently chairman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners, is a favorite to succeed fellow Chester County Republican Jim Gerlach, who is not seeking re-election to Congress.

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