Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pa. Democrat Tom Wolfe endorses Obamacare

Democrat Tom Wolfe, who is running for Pa. governor, is a supporter of Barack Obama and likes what he's seen of Obamacare so far.

From the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:
Today, Tom Wolf stated that a law that cost 250,000 Pennsylvanians their health care coverage is “a step in the right direction.” Perhaps Tom Wolf was too busy calling for new taxes on energy to notice how ObamaCare is hurting small businesses, driving up health care costs for our local governments, and costing families their doctors. Tom Wolf’s statement that ObamaCare was a step in the right direction just proves that he would have voted for the law and he would rubberstamp its disastrous effects that would lead to more health care insecurity for Pennsylvanians.
Pennsylvania voters should know what they're getting with this tax-and-spend, big-government liberal.

Wolf is also a multi-millionaire who doesn't have to worry about paying for his health care.

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