Monday, December 17, 2012

Columnist: It's not the 'gun culture,' it's the American culture

Excellent column by J.D. Mullane about the root causes of the evil that visited Sandy Hook, Conn., last Friday:
To see the Sandy Hook massacre as unique to its circumstances, apart from all the others, is to avoid an uncomfortable topic. What feeds and enables this madness is not the “gun culture.” It’s the American culture.

We’ve cheapened human life. We snuff it when it is helpless and inconvenient. In three states (so far) we legally euthanize it when it is old, infirm and a burden.

The cheapness of human life permeates our popular entertainment. With movies, television and song lyrics, nihilism is, literally, in the air.

Evil is glamorized. Check the thrill-kill video games “Modern Warfare,” “Resident Evil 6 — You Are Dead,” “Sleeping Dogs” or “TheWitcher 2.” The violence is barbaric.

Yet, on Dec. 25, millions of these games will be presented as gifts to young people who will play them on Christmas Day.

Who seriously argues that this stuff has little influence on attitudes and behaviors?
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Columnist J.D. Mullane: It's not the "gun culture," it's the American culture -

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Christian Golden said...

While I agree that culture is the problem, I refuse to take the blame off of myself and onto entertainment/popular media. The problem begins with a lack of culture at the family unit level. With a weak (if not nonexistent) set of core values, I agree, the presence of violent pop-culture can begin to influence the individual. However, we must not forget that the individual still has the ability (and, therefore, responsibility) to make the right choice. Once we begin to take the focus off the individual, government intervention becomes a popular solution.

So, what's the real solution? We must better ourselves first. As we work to perfect ourselves, we must voluntarily convince others to voluntarily come along with us. That is love. That is the answer. It might take a hell of a long time! It's the answer, nonetheless.