Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A silent protest in Pa. over Voter ID?

I was in line with about 10 people waiting to cast my ballot today and almost everyone in line had their driver's licenses out and handed them to the polling officials. The people manning the polls did not ask to see an ID and there were signs outside the polling site saying "No Photo ID Required" and fliers inside the polling site with the same message. But almost everyone in line was willing to show a photo ID.

My take on the matter: A silent protest by Pennsylvania residents against the Democratic Party and its media allies who fought so hard to delay the state's common-sense Voter ID law for this election.

Polls show two-thirds of Pennsylvania residents support the state's Voter ID law.

By the way, with a photo ID to see the correct spelling of the person's name, the poll workers were able to find names quicker in the voter rolls and the line moved quickly. So much for the Democrats' claims that showing an ID would delay people voting.

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