Saturday, April 09, 2011

No Labels Statement on Bipartisan Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

No Labels Co-Founder Mark McKinnon and Founding Leader David Walker issued the following statement Saturday regarding the bipartisan agreement on the fiscal year 2011 appropriations bill:
"On behalf of our more than 80,000 citizen leaders, No Labels applauds President Obama and congressional leadership for working across the aisle to reach a bipartisan solution to fund the federal government for the remainder of the year. Despite the many weeks it took to reach consensus, our nation’s leaders deserve credit for finally choosing progress over politics. Avoiding a government shutdown was the right thing to do for our economy and for the American people," said No Labels Co-Founder Mark McKinnon. "Since its beginning, No Labels has been out in front on the need for 'everyone at the table, everything on the table' to solve our country’s financial challenges. Tens of thousands of our members have contacted Congress, urging them to change the tone of these contentious debates and find a way to work together to address this issue."

"While last night's milestone is a good first step, the real test will be whether both sides can continue to work together to find real solutions to the serious fiscal challenges facing our nation. We look forward to working with our leaders in Congress to support any bipartisan effort that helps us achieve this end goal," added David Walker, No Labels Founding Leader and former U.S. Comptroller General.
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