Monday, December 27, 2010

14 ways to slash federal spending

Democrats and their big-government allies are always arguing there's nothing to cut from the bloated federal budget.

The folks at Reason magazine beg to differ, offering 14 specific programs or agencies that could be slashed to save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

My favorite:

End (or at Least Audit) the Fed:
The Fed is the biggest bastion of central planning in the American economy, and eliminating it would both move us toward a freer market and remove history’s most powerful enabler of government waste. If that’s politically impossible, auditing the Fed would at least peel away the bank’s veneer of inscrutable wizardry to reveal the feckless dithering at the heart of U.S. monetary policy.
Read the full article, "How to Slash the State: 14 ways to dismantle a monstrous government, one program at a time," here.

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