Saturday, May 23, 2009

Castor exposes more cronyism in Montco

The patronage system is a alive and well in Montgomery County under the direction of Democratic Commissioner Joe Hoeffel and his doormat accomplice, one-time Republican Jim Matthews.

The lone Republican commissioner, Bruce L. Castor Jr., objected to another example of cronyism by Hoeffel/Matthews when Matthews' longtime secretary was appointed to head the county's Human Resources department, bypassing a more qualified applicant.

The hiring of Eleanor Schneider comes several months after her husband, Thomas, was hired as the county's fleet manager even though he lacked qualifications for that job.

Matthews is headed in the same direction as Arlen Specter. He will never get the Republican nomination to run for re-election. He might as well join the Democratic Party, especially if he continues serving as Hoeffel's lapdog.

Read the full story at the Norristown Times-Herald Web site.

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Bill Madara said...

This is amazing on two counts one the weasel Schneider family has no reservations as do the other political Hoeffel hacks in taking these positions over other qualified applicants. How can this regime of opportunists face the citizens of Montogomery County without bearing a sense of shame for being part of Hoeffel's fiasco. I think money, the cost of your soul. On the second count: What has Matthews promised Hoeffel to get the Schneiders a piece of the action? Will Jim don the little Bo-peep dress and stand outside the courthouse with a Republicans are meanies sign? If Joe wants it Jim will be there for him.