Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Is Watching

Does anyone else find this image disturbing? The mural of President-elect Barack Obama is painted on the side of a restaurant in Chicago. Shades of Big Brother or Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. The cult of personality surrounding Obama is getting out of hand.

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Anonymous said...

Look how muscular he is. Look how confident he looks. This is pathos at its worst. I understand some people will call it black art, and I see that in it. During the campaign, I saw too much similarities in the art of Obama and the are of Che Guevera and Soviet propaganda. Considering what we know about Obama, I don't feel like we should take this art likely. Leaders like Che and those of the Soviet Union used images to build the spirit of the collective good. I can't wait until these murals are painted with a message about a particular Obama program. It's coming.

Also, I don't understand that fascination with Democrats that Chicago has. Here is a small business that could be doing better if Daley wasn't such a pro tax guy. It really makes no sense to me. Do you know during the playoffs this year, he asked bar owners in Wrigleyville to stop serving drinks during the seventh inning? He told these bar owners, who pay heavy city taxes, that they make enough money during the baseball season that they need to stop serving for the community good. I wish someone would tell Mayor Daley during the seventh inning that an 11% sales tax isn't for the community good.