Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guest column: Founding Fathers would endorse McCain

By Richard R. Tennesen

I am neither so ambitious nor self-confident that I could share and disseminate the thoughts and vision of our nation's most prominent historical luminaries who founded this great nation only 232 years ago regarding the forthcoming election. I'm confident, however, that there are a few certainties we could assume by knowing their histories and the ideas upon which they acted.

The first idea of Manifest Destiny led our founders westward across the Atlantic and inevitably to the colonization and expansion of a new American continent. Largely, these efforts were the result of the collective initiatives of these men to free themselves from both religious and financial restraint from a monarchical aristocracy. In their daring leadership, they drafted and signed the Constitution — an act which put their lives on the line for the prospect of a free and sovereign democracy with a small central government ruled by the people.

Since then, our leaders in the Democratic party have yielded much of our nation's authority to the United Nations, usurped the powers from the people in creating a central government legions of times larger than the Founders would have envisioned, through taxation have adopted the vision of a quasi-Eurosocialistic wealth redistribution system, and have sacrificed courage of conviction for political positioning and influence.

While fighting for our country and the maintaining of the conservative founding principals, John McCain sought public office as the means of extending and preserving the ideals shared among our forefathers. Examples like John Adams, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and General George Washington just to name a few, all stood for — and some fought for those conservative values. John McCain shares that courage of duty and service. For his efforts, George Washington was unanimously chosen to lead our nation as its first president.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, was a community organizer with organizations such as ACORN and chose not to fund our troops at war. This position was criticized even by his running mate, Joe Biden. Failure to fund our troops at war while interested in becoming our nation's commander-in-chief is hardly the leadership that would have led to the unanimity which elected George Washington.

The other "visionary" leaders in the Democratic Party: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean. Are these our contemporary visionaries?

Analysis of the agenda which the Obama-Biden ticket brings to the table clearly illustrates one of socialism. Recent statements of wealth redistribution, higher taxes, nationalized health care, and increased free-market regulation as well as a movement towards globalism are only small potatoes in the grand schematic in the Communist Manifesto. This is a far cry from Manifest Destiny.

The Obama camp maintains that they truly do represent change. This is their campaign's one-word mantra. Is the change he brings good for America? Is changing us back into the same Euro-socialist country our forefathers fought against what we want? This is not progressive change — it's regressive!

In my opinion, the endorsement of the nation's forefathers would belong to John McCain. Proven leadership, service, courage of conviction, and a platform of continuing the vision outlined by our nation's Founding Founders.

Some 232 years ago our nation was founded in tough times by proven leaders. With Barack Obama as President, that all changes.

Richard R. Tennesen is a freelance writer who lives in Pottstown, PA.

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