Saturday, September 27, 2008

My bailout plan is better

Congress is working on a plan to spend $700 billion to bail out greedy corporate CEOs and Wall Street speculators.

I have a better idea. I would like to see Congress send a check for $50,000 to every American household. Let's bail out working people instead.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are 140 million households in the U.S. So multiply 140 million by $50,000 and you come up with $700 billion, the exact amount Congress wants to spend to bail out corporations.

If you send the money to working Americans, you know where it went. People can pay off part of their mortgages, start a college fund for their kids, buy a new car or make repairs to their homes. At the very least they can use the money to heat their homes this winter.

That money goes right back into the economy and helps prevent a recession.

If you sink $700 billion into corporate America, you have no accountability for that money.

Let's send Congress home this weekend and hold a national referendum. Let the American people decide.

Do we bail out the American worker who is the victim of corporate greed and government collusion or do we bail out the very people who created the crisis?


Elorthan said...

I think you missed a decimal place. It only comes out to $5,000.....


Darke Blog said...

might be interested with my experience with ...

Anonymous said...

Right! After all, all the wealth in this country is created by the working class, the government creates no wealth and only spends other people's money. The greedy corporate types only minipulate our money in an effort to make money. What is the wealth of a country if it isn't the labor of it's people, it's intellectual properety and our natural resources. Then we have the slackers who are encouraged and enabled by the Democrats for the purpose of growing their voter base of victims.
How many times do we hear the same old line from the MSM and the Dems about how their is "enough blame to go around"? This is to infer that we are all equally at fault. No, the Dems created this over time and they got their votes and we got the bill as usual. Isn't that the way wealth re-distribution works? If the wimpy repubs would hold the Dems accountable instead of caving, we might not be in this mess. The MSM is partly to blame for failing to be our watchdogs and not living up to their oath of fair reporting and investigative work.
In spite of the mess we are in, the Dems are still trying to pretend they care about the poor and want to give more to the victim classes they created. If our youth was educated properly in our government schools, (run by the libs), the people would have a clue as to what was going on and why, but they don't. The schools are breeding liberals for future votes. Ed.
Note: I love your blogsite!

Scott said...

Absolutely fantastic idea. I could do a lot with 50g, more than I ever get from government "services".

Wesley Matthews said...

Are you sure about your math?

700 billion / 140 million = $5,000 per household.

700 with 9 more zeros
140 with 6 more zeros

drop the 6 zero's and you have
700,000 / 140 = 5,000

But I like your thinking!


Thanks for checking the math, Wesley. I guess with my math skills, I should be qualified to work on Wall Street or in Congress. I still would like to see $50,000 go to every American instead of corporations.