Tuesday, August 26, 2008

State Rep. Daylin Leach moonlights as a blogger

Pennsylvania State Rep. Daylin Leach, D-149, is blogging again.

The last time Leach had a blog, he was forced to shut it down after newspapers reported he made questionable comments about women (and others) at his site. Click here for some background. Also, click here for The Associated Press account of the controversy.

Leach, now a candidate for Pennsylvania Senate, is trying his hand again at blogging, this time from the Democratic National Convention.

You can read "Daylin's Daily Denver Digest" at The Times-Herald Web site.

Meanwhile, Lance Rogers, Leach's Republican opponent for the 17th state Senate District, released a statement Tuesday questioning Leach's priorities as Leach "parties away in Denver."

The Rogers campaign is criticizing Leach for failing to support a petition calling for a special legislative session on government reform and supporting the "culture of corruption" by refusing to call on House Democratic Majority Leader Bill DeWeese to step down.

Here's more from the release:
State Rep. Daylin Leach is finding plenty of time this week to party it up at the National Convention in Denver. And as he neglects his job in Harrisburg, another week will pass without a single action or reform in the Legislature since the Bonusgate corruption charges were announced in mid-July. Meanwhile, there is a growing list of legislators demanding a special session on government reform, including 11 Senators and 38 State Representatives - and Daylin Leach isn't one of them.
Rogers, a Lower Merion Township Commissioner, supports Sen. Jeff Piccola's call for a special session on government reform.

"Daylin Leach claims to be a reformer but refuses to condemn his party's corrupt leadership, and has chosen vacation over a special session on government reform, even after some of his colleagues including leadership were arrested," Rogers said in a written statement. "As a state Senator, I would immediately sign on to Senator Jeff Piccola's petition to call politicians like Leach back from vacation and get to work on reforming state government."

For more on Rogers, visit his campaign Web site.


Anonymous said...

Representative Leach was not on a vacation. He was an elected delegate to Democratic National Convention representing the people of the PA 7th Congressional District.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he took vacation time to go to the Democratic National Convention ! his has nothing to do with the job that the taxpayers of the PA 7th Congressional District pay him to do. This has nothing to do with the business of the State of Pennsylvania. I hope I didn't pay for his staff/cronies to go also.

Anonymous said...

Maybe while in Denver Leach learned how we are going to fix the looming PA budget deficit. maybe instead of trying to get Katie Couric's attention or wasting time blogging about the food he could be working on the finances of the state. maybe DeWeesle could help him. he already gave Daylin money for his campaign, and Daylin gave him a vote for the Pay raise and turned a blind eye to Bonus-gate.