Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Muslim Snub

Did you hear what happened in Michigan?

Barack Hussein Obama may have lost favor with the state's large Muslim population.

Two women dressed in traditional Muslim garb were refused permission to sit behind the stage at an Obama speech because Obama's operatives were afraid of the image of Muslims appearing as a backdrop to their choreographed event being sent around the world.

The women are demanding a personal apology from Obama, who has repeatedly denied his Muslim heritage, and the women want to be seated behind the candidate at a future campaign event.

It's pretty clear the Obama campaign is ultra sensitive to links their candidate has to the Muslim community. Obama refuses to use his middle name "Hussein" and talks about how his grandmother raised him but never speaks about his Muslim father.

Read more about the incident at the Chicago Sun-Times Web site.

There's also an interesting take on the controversy at Blonde Sagacity blog.

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